Who Was The "Fan" At AEW Full Gear Who Threw Water At MJF?

The too good to be true moment at Full Gear brought to you by Tony Khan and All Elite Wrestling!

MJF Full Gear

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And a plant still can create one helluva epic moment at a wrestling show.

That was exactly the case at Full Gear, as Twitter user @S_ATL_Wrestling pointed out, "Alan Angels did a thing tonight" which Alan Angels himself (via his own Twitter account, @Alan_Angels_) then retweeted along with multiple videos of the angle.

The Georgia native, who was trained by AR Fox, has been putting in work mainly around the Atlanta area paying his dues, but this is by far the biggest stage he has been presented on even if it was anonymously. Who knows, he might get a try-out with the XFL with that cannon arm, right?

So the "mystery" of why Tony Khan himself approached the man and not security is apparently solved. And if MJF wants to get revenge on the Atlanta-based independent wrestler, he can catch him on 16 November as he tries to capture some gold of his own against ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack at Submission Without Representation.

We will have to see if there are any Burberry scarf-clad fans in attendance, but until then it seems Alan Angels has an undefeated record in AEW "Wet T-Shirt" matches.

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