Who Was The Janitor At WWE's Money In The Bank 2020?

Hint: He was named after a 'Big Red' WWE legend...

The Wrestling Observer has revealed that it was Bruce Prichard's son who played the janitor during last weekend's Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

The simultaneous, madcap male and female ladder matches featured a bunch of cameos. Everyone from John Laurinaitis, Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and someone dressed as Doink The Clown, to Paul Heyman and Brother Love showed up. The latter is, of course, played by Prichard.

He enlisted his son Kane to play the janitor.


Notice something else? Kane Prichard. Yep, Prichard Jr is legitimately named after Bruce's good pal Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs. He might've had the coolest name imaginable amongst his school mates growing up.

Kane (the Prichard kind) hammed it up during his segments at MITB. He was the one who looked like he couldn't believe his eyes when Asuka and others went sprinting past, and he was the one who cringed when Dana Brooke slipped and smacked her head off the floor.


Put down a 'Wet Floor' sign, dude. What kind of janitor is this guy?!

It's unclear if Kane will be making any further appearances for WWE, or if this was just a one off.



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