Who Won AEW's Second Blood & Guts Match Last Night?

Blackpool Combat Club and Jericho Appreciation Society contest Blood & Guts on AEW Dynamite.

AEW Blood & Guts 2022

The Blackpool Combat Club (and friends) defeated the Jericho Appreciation Society in the second Blood & Guts match in AEW history last night, with newcomer Claudio Castagnoli the difference-maker.

Castagnoli tapped the JAS' Matt Menard out with a Sharpshooter atop the dual-ring cage. This left Eddie Kingston frustrated, as although he was technically victorious, the 'Mad King' thought he'd scored another measure of revenge against Chris Jericho, whom he had neutralised in a Stretch Plum while Claudio (whom he loathes) had his own hold on Menard.

But it was Menard, not Jericho, who submitted, creating a bittersweet moment for Kingston, who reacted angrily to Castagnoli's sudden appearance in Forbidden Door's show-closing angle last week.


The story prior to this was about escalating levels of violence with every wrestler that entered the ring. Many brought plunder with them, including Jon Moxley, who carved Daniel Garcia's face up with a fork within minutes of entering the fray. Angelo Parker, meanwhile, was piledriven onto broken glass.

Blood & Guts II's most spectacular spot belonged to Sammy Guevara, who took a spectacular bump from the top of the cage and through the timekeeper's table after being thrown. This may be interpreted as something a make-good for last year. Spectacular in its execution, the spot was the second of its nature in this stipulation, following Jericho's poorly-shot and widely-criticised fall onto a pile of barely disguised boxes in the inaugural incarnation.

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