Who'd Be In Mark Henry's Modern-Day WWE 'Nation Of Domination'?

Good luck guessing all of his picks...

Mark Henry picked his very own modern-day version of the old 'Nation Of Domination' stable during a bonus clip on WWE's YouTube channel.

Henry, who recently guested on Steve Austin's 'Broken Skull Sessions' show, revealed he'd instantly draft New Day members Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods into the group. That trio would be backed by Street Profits Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford.

All pretty standard stuff so far, right? Just you wait.


The 'World's Strongest Man' then said he'd shock everyone by announcing none other than Kevin Owens as the Nation 2020's final member. Why? Well, Mark said he'd play a role "like Owen (Hart)", and said he'd fit in just fine.

Of course, Owen once joined a revamped Nation in 1998 after a brief run as WWE's 'Black Hart' - that gimmick was introduced to avenge Vince McMahon's betrayal of his brother Bret. Henry thinks something similar would work well today and give Owens freedom on the mic.


Austin seemed a little startled by Mark singling out KO.

Would you like to see a new Nation running roughshod on WWE TV in 2020? It's been a weird year thus far, so why not?

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