Why Adam Cole Is Leaving WWE For AEW

Simon Miller breaks down Adam Cole's possible move to AEW.

Adam Cole AEW

Adam Cole to AEW, you say?!

Hot on the heels of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson's purported AEW arrival, there's now plentiful rumblings that Adam Cole could be the next in line to become #AllElite.

Recent reports claim that Cole's WWE contract expired last month, with him currently working under a one-month extension that will get him through until the end of August. After that, the one-time NXT Champion is believed to being assessing his options over whether to re-sign with WWE or to explore other possibilities.


Of course, one major possibility is Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling. Not only would Cole's in-ring ability and charisma make him a must-have for AEW - or any other promotion, for that matter - but Khan's company surely has plenty of appeal for the former Undisputed Era leader.

Cole's real-life partner Britt Baker is tearing it up as the AEW Women's Champion right now, so that's clearly a plus point. Added to that, the ever-impressive star was a member of Bullet Club alongside several members of the Elite, and Cole's also got previous with numerous other AEW roster members thanks to his time in Ring of Honor and beyond.


With all of that in mind, then, here's our very own Simon Miller to break down why Adam Cole's could be on his way to AEW and just how such a move could play out.

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