Why AEW Has Just Pulled Off The Mother Of All Game-Changers

Simon Miller breaks down the possible AEW arrivals of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

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These past few days have been pretty bonkers for any and all wrestling fans.

As your standard news week rolled on by, Wednesday saw reports that CM Punk was in talks with AEW over a shocking return to the ring. And if that wasn't enough to raise an eyebrow (or more, in some cases...), that news was shortly followed by similar stories that Daniel Bryan was also in negotiations to become #AllElite.

While nothing has been formally announced on either front by AEW - and such debuts would surely be kept as a surprise - the common belief is that the Second City Saint is likely to make his AEW bow at 5 September's All Out PPV from his hometown of Chicago, while Bryan, aka Bryan Danielson, could show up at the company's big Grand Slam special from Queens, New York on 22 September.


If either of these signings happen, it's a genuinely huge deal, but should Tony Khan end up bringing in both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Why, that's quite the game-changer.

Here, our own Simon Miller breaks down exactly why this is such a big deal and how AEW is about to pull of the mother of all coups.


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