Why AEW Released Jimmy Havoc, Sadie Gibbs & Bea Priestley

More information on AEW's recent roster cuts.


News that All Elite Wrestling had cut Jimmy Havoc, Bea Priestley, and Sadie Gibbs from its talent roster broke overnight, as the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer confirmed the releases with sources inside the promotion.

Meltzer has since come through with new information in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He writes that while AEW President Tony Khan had previously said he didn't want to let anyone go during the global health crisis, there would come a time where they'd have to look at trimming roster members unable to travel to the United States, which is likely the case with Gibbs and Priestley. Both are currently locked in the United Kingdom as a result of what's currently going on in the world.

Havoc, meanwhile, lives in the United States. He isn't hampered by travel restrictions. Meltzer writes that he was "likely not being brought back for allegation reasons as he had been suspended," having had several accusations of misconduct thrown his way during the #SpeakingOut movement in June. Havoc entered a rehabilitation program as soon as they hit, with AEW promising to reevaluate his status once that was complete.


PAC, Riho, and other overseas AEW stars remain contracted to the organisation.

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