Why Bo Dallas Should Join The Wyatt Family

He's starting to look like his brother anyway...

Bo Dallas

Would it really hurt Raw's creative team to inject the show with some realism every now and then? We're not advocating that the writers suddenly rename both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas to Windham and Taylor Rotunda (their real names), but the chance is there to acknowledge their family ties and put them together on TV whilst staying true to their characters.

WhatCulture's Simon Miller thinks that's the way to go. Everyone's favourite muscle-bound presenter popped up over on the WhatCulture Wrestling YouTube channel to spread the gospel of unity; Miller's argument is that Bo needs to be by Bray's side more than he needs to be following The Miz around as part of the 'Miz-tourage', and that's a hard case to argue against.


Besides, Bo has only started growing out a beard and stopped slicking back his hair, so he's starting to resemble his real-life sibling anyway. That uniform look would help sell the union, almost as though Wyatt has been secretly working on his brother behind the scenes.

They can keep the different surnames though, because The Wyatt Family has always featured diverse characters. Still, Bray is much better when he has others to help back up his grandiose, intricate promos, so Bo could be just the tonic.


Should Bo Dallas become Bray Wyatt's next disciple?

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