Why Bret Hart Kicked British Bulldog FOR REAL At WWE SummerSlam 1992

"When you watch it, I kicked Davey right in the face!"

Bret Hart has admitted he got so p*ssed off at brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith that he kicked him in the face at SummerSlam 1992.

The 'Hitman' revealed his angry in-ring outburst during FOX's WWE watch party on YouTube for the classic pay-per-view (unavailable outside the United States).

Around halfway through the timeless Intercontinental Title headliner, Bret had the Bulldog locked in a sleeper hold. Suddenly, Davey decided to crawl towards the ropes to force a break, and that hadn't been in Hart's pre-match plans. Annoyed, he held onto the submission for a while, verbally berated Smith and then decided to teach him a lesson.


That "lesson" involved booting him in the face and then rattling his nose with a punch.

Neither blow was designed to really injure Bulldog; Hart only wanted to let his peer know that he wasn't happy with the unplanned rope break spot. He described it as a "wake up call" for the knackered Brit - it's well-known that Bret had to perform miracles at SummerSlam '92 to even get Davey through the 25-minute bout.


WWE uploaded the full match on YouTube last month. Follow this link to see Hart's petulant kick.

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