Why Drew McIntyre Missed This Week's WWE Raw

McIntyre was absent from Raw despite losing the WWE Title to The Miz at Elimination Chamber 2021.

Drew McIntyre WWE Raw

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was backstage at this week's episode of Raw, reports PWInsider's Mike Johnson.

Though he was in the building, it seems WWE officials decided against scripting the Scot into the show, which left fans scratching their heads as three hours passed without an appearance from there 35-year-old.

McIntyre lost the WWE Championship to The Miz at Elimination Chamber 2021. The grand heist went down after Drew had triumphed in a gruelling Chamber match, pinning AJ Styles for the decisive fall, before he was attacked by Bobby Lashley. Lashley softened McIntyre up for Miz to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase, with the Hurt Business man now challenging for the belt next week.


As screwy as the situation was, there was no immediate follow-up from the beleaguered party.

Dave Meltzer speculated on yesterday's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that realistically, WWE would have needed to have Drew destroy Miz on Raw, and perhaps they didn't want to do that so quickly.


The events of Elimination Chamber 2021 left McIntyre's immediate direction up in the air. Sheamus talked-up facing his old friend one-on-one during Raw, though Drew immediately re-entering the WWE Title hunt isn't out of the question either.

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