Why EC3 Hasn't Wrestled For WWE Since September

Where in the world is 'The One-Percenter'?

Former WWE 24/7 Champion EC3 hasn't wrestled for the promotion since 30 September, when he and Eric Young lost to the Lucha House Party's Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado as part of WWE's Main Event tapings.

The reason for this is simple: per Dave Meltzer in yesterday's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 'The One-Percenter' suffered a concussion towards the end of September and hasn't yet been cleared to return.

One would assume that EC3 suffered this concussion in the Lucha House Party bout.


EC3 has had a rough year on WWE's main roster. Debuting via a weird, weird series of angles in which the charismatic former Impact Wrestling Champion would show up in segments but never speak, he was thrown into a brief two-week programme in which he and Dean Ambrose traded wins. Afterwards, EC3 fell off the map, competing almost exclusively on Main Event and in the 24/7 Championship division.

There's currently no word on when EC3 may be cleared to return to action, though hoping for a push for the guy seems pointless at this point. 2019 has made it clear that WWE have no interest in promoting him.

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