Why Eddie Guerrero Compared Himself To André The Giant

The 'Latino Giant'.

Eddie Guerrero Vince McMahon Backstage No Way Out 2004

What do late greats like Eddie Guerrero and André The Giant have in common? Both are former World Champions, for a start, and both captured the hearts of wrestling fans for years by appearing as larger-than-life characters who passionately performed to their best every time they went through the curtain.

According to Jim Ross on his 'Grilling JR' podcast, 'Latino Heat' and the 'Eighth Wonder Of The World' also shared something else in common too. They liked to have a bit of fun on the road with friends.

JR laughed when he recalled his interactions with Eddie. In backstage hallways around the country, he'd joke with his friend and ask what he'd been drinking the prior night. There was a simple reason for that: Guerrero was a different dude depending on his alcohol of choice.

If he drank beer, he was 'happy Eddie' and could laugh the night away. If he drank hard liquor, however, his confidence would skyrocket. To describe how he felt, Guerrero told Jim that he was as big a personality as André when he plumped for the spirits.

He wasn't an unruly drunk, but definitely did think he was seven feet tall. He'd have been WWE Champ long before 2004 if he had been!

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