Why JR Lost Total Respect For The Ultimate Warrior

"I was always cheering for the other guys".

Ultimate Warrior WWE champion

Jim Ross didn't have a lot of time for The Ultimate Warrior.

On his 'Grilling JR' podcast, the AEW play-by-play man revealed why. Did he like the way Warrior handled business? No, but that wasn't the main problem. Did he think the man deserved to be ridiculed for his limited in-ring skills? Of course not.

JR's real issue with Warrior was the way he'd speak in front of women "of all ages", specifically when it was clear that some didn't like his "course and abusive language".


The legend has told on his pod before that he didn't appreciate the colourful wording Warrior used in front of his late wife Jan. That wasn't an isolated example, and it didn't sit well with Ross.

Jim did say that he's sad Warrior passed (noting that he left behind "two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife" when he died in 2014), but said it is important to be honest when he's asked a question about somebody on his show.


That honesty, whilst occasionally controversial, is to be admired. JR shouldn't be expected to pretend he thought everyone was a top notch dude - that'd be a disservice to his listenership.


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