Why Ken Shamrock Never Returned To WWE

What happened to the UFC bad ass after he left?

Ken Shamrock Breakdown

Dave Meltzer revealed during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio why WWE never rehired Ken Shamrock when the UFC specialist left the company in 1999.

According to Dave, it's because Ken found out WWE owed him money.

After her then-husband departed the promotion, Shamrock's ex-wife called for an audit into company accounts to find out if the family were due some bonus cash. As it turned out, they were, and Vince McMahon wasn't happy about forking over unpaid merchandise royalties to Ken when he was no longer part of the roster.


Ken's new book, 'Shamrock: The World’s Most Dangerous Man', reportedly goes into greater detail on this, and leaves no stone unturned. It is worth mentioning that Shamrock is also honest about enjoying a party lifestyle during his WWE days.

This is something announcing great Jim Ross spoke about in his own book recently; JR said that Shamrock missed a few house shows and that caused problems when it came to talking money. WWE weren't entirely sure that Ken was taking things seriously enough.


Regardless, they had to pay him a healthy chunk of change for prior merch sales when he left.


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