Why Kofi Kingston Has Disappeared From WWE Television

What's going on with Kofi Kingston, whose WWE Raw absence has left Xavier Woods flying solo.

Kofi Kingston

If you were wondering why Kofi Kingston hasn't been on WWE television lately, PWInsider's Mike Johnson has confirmed that the New Day man isn't cleared to compete at the moment.

There is currently no word on what, exactly, is afflicting the former WWE Champion, but it is seemingly enough to prevent him from appearing for now.

The report notes that Kingston was originally going to be part of the SummerSlam 2021 segment (produced in collaboration with Pure Life Purified Water) that saw stablemate Xavier Woods drench John Morrison and The Miz with a water pistol. This couldn't happen, so Woods ended up taking Miz and Morrison down alone.


Woods was also flying solo on last night's Raw, interrupting Miz and Morrison's Moist TV segment with Jake Paul before beating Miz one-on-one, leading to Miz turning on Morrison and splitting their tag team.

It is stated that Kingston wasn't on the road with WWE over the weekend.


Money in the Bank 2021 (18 July) played host to Kofi's last televised WWE match, as he fell to Bobby Lashley in a failed WWE Title challenge. His last house show bout was on 16 August.

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