Why Nigel McGuinness Wasn't At Last Night's NXT

When will the Brit be back behind the WWE desk?


Last night's NXT show featured the silken voices of Mauro Ranallo and Beth Phoenix on commentary, but regular analyst Nigel McGuinness was nowhere to be found.

Don't start panicking - this isn't the 'Last Of McGuinness' by any stretch.

Mauro slipped in an explanation during the broadcast: Nigel was simply back home in England enjoying some well-earned holiday time after calling NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II with Tom Phillips over the weekend.


If the announcer was going to take some time off, then it makes sense that he'd choose to do so when WWE were in the UK and he could catch up with family. He's expected to return next week for NXT's go-home episode before Worlds Collide on 25 January.

That card is a joint effort between NXT and NXT UK, so of course WWE want McGuinness in the house to help with last-minute hype for the show.


So, there you go. No backstage problems and no commentary shake-ups happening on the yellow and black brand at all. Nigel is just relaxing and skipping a week so he can come back refreshed, and quite right too.

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