Why Pete Dunne Hasn't Been On NXT TV Lately

Where in the world is 'The Bruiserweight'?

Pete Dunne

Where in the world is NXT Tag Team Champion Pete Dunne?

His native United Kingdom, unfortunately.

This week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter includes confirmation of the assumption that 'The Bruiserweight's' ongoing absence from NXT television was related to the ongoing global health crisis. With flights between the United Kingdom and United States banned, Dunne has been rendered unable to compete for WWE's black-and-gold brand.


Pete's Broserweights tag team partner, Matt Riddle, has been forced to go it alone in his absence. Recent weeks have seen him plagued by newcomers Rinku and Saurav, who destroyed the former UFC fighter on last week's show and are now being set up for a shot at the gold. That'll have to wait, though. Lord knows how long the travel restrictions will remain in place.

Global travel is largely on ice thanks to current affairs, with Dunne one of many professional wrestlers affected. It's thought that AEW's PAC is in a similar boat, while the likes of Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, and Excalibur have all been marooned themselves.


It'll be great to see Dunne eventually get back onto WWE television. For now, though, outside matters take precedent. The man's not exactly going to swim the Atlantic to get past this order...

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