Why Ric Flair WON'T Wrestle In AEW

An AEW announcer has zero desire to call another Ric Flair match ever again.

Sting Ric Flair Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone claims Ric Flair will never actively wrestle a match for the duration of his AEW contract. In fact, the iconic announcer would go one step further by saying he's hopeful that'll never change.

Schiavone told listeners tuning into his 'What Happened When?' podcast series that Flair definitely worked his final match back in July 2022. Ric teamed with Andrade El Idolo to work Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal that night, but the event became best-known for several harrowing photos of the 'Nature Boy' looking totally spent.


On that, Tony said: "I don't need to call a last match again". Schiavone then laughed, and reminded fans that Ric's final showing defo did occur in 2022. He can't see Tony Khan agreeing to put Flair inside the ring for an official bout in late-2023 or heading into 2024.

That'll come as a relief to those who worried that Ric might pull on some tights yet again for a tag effort alongside Sting during his good friend's own retirement tour. According to Schiavone, that's an impossible thought and just isn't going to happen.


Fingers crossed, eh? Few would want to see it anyway.

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