Why The Mysterios Have Vanished From WWE

An update on Rey and Dominik Mysterio following their WWE Raw disappearances.

Rey Mysterio Dominik Mysterio Mysterios

A full month has now passed without a televised WWE appearance from Rey or Dominik Mysterio, who once appeared to be heading into a feud with recent returnee Veer Mahaan, with the Indian powerhouse's ongoing post-WrestleMania 38 winning streak includes a two-minuter over Dominik in Raw's 11 April episode.

Per Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rey has recently been undergoing further stem cell treatments for undisclosed injuries. There is currently no word on when he is set to return to WWE.

Meltzer had previously reported that the elder Mysterio had been absent from WWE programming due to a medical situation.


Dominik, too, has been undergoing stem cell treatment, as revealed by Rey on Instagram.

That Dominik was stretched out of Raw as a result of Mahaan's beatdown on his last opponent at least gives the Mysterios a program to jump into whenever they make it back to television. The long-teased Mysterio family split appears to have been abandoned, as months have gone without it featuring on WWE television.


Rey last wrestled on WrestleMania 38's first night (2 April), where he and Dominik were defeated by Logan Paul and The Miz.

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