Why The Rock Was At WWE's Performance Center This Week

The People's Champ was in Orlando, Florida yesterday.

The Rock WWE Performance Center

WWE legend Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was at WWE's Performance Center facility in Orlando, Florida yesterday, as revealed by Sami Zayn on Twitter.

Zayn claimed that he, personally, was at the PC to receive care for his "rickety shoulders," having had both joints surgically repaired in 2018. Him and The Rock crossed paths while he was there, giving Sami the opportunity to "thank him personally for the RT & support of the #SamiForSyria campaign to start a mobile clinic in Syria."

"Be cool like The Rock," he added, sharing the link.

While the official reason for Johnson's visit is yet to be revealed, there's every chance he was just checking in with the company. Having been billed from Miami, Florida for the bulk of his career, Rocky still lives in the state, and has never distanced himself from his professional wrestling past.

Interestingly, The Rock was also in Los Angeles, California to wrap a big press day for the upcoming Hobbs & Show movie yesterday:-

With regards to Sami, let's hope his own PC visit was for nothing more than a routine check-up, and that his shoulders are holding themselves together now that he's back in the ring.

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