Why This Ex-WWE Star Probably WON'T Return To Wrestling

There's a good reason why you might never see this former WWE star wrestle again!

Mandy Rose

Former WWE star Mandy Rose made $55,000 from one subscriber on her FanTime account. Yes, fifty five grand from one user. She talked about this during a recent interview for the Power Alphas Podcast, and it blew everyone's minds.

Rose was surprisingly released in late-December 2022 amidst a popular spell on NXT. She'd been riding high as the brand's Women's Champion for a whopping 413 days before dropping the belt to Roxanne Perez and quickly leaving the company. Nobody saw that one coming, but news later leaked that Mandy had been canned because of her third party subscription service.


She's had the last laugh.

Rose hasn't wrestled since leaving WWE. In fairness, there's a decent chance she might never need to take bumps again. Mandy refused to name the person who gave her $55,000 for content, but described it as "wild" and "kind of crazy".


She's obviously appreciative, but does wonder what the person responsible does for a living if they can drop 55k on pictures and videos via FanTime. So, there you go. Mandy isn't exactly short of a few quid, and that FanTime thing WWE hated is working out pretty well for her!

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