Why This Is WWE's Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic This Year

Sports? Entertainment? This is neither of either, and now WWE don't even know what to do with it...

Lacey Evans

(t/w - detailed descriptions of domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse, child neglect, suicide)


Here's a relatively easy subject to talk about - WWE more often than not can't tell stories and more often than that sucks when it tries.

Not an easy subject to talk about - what the f*ck exactly is going on with Lacey Evans?

As of writing, she's now firmly entrenched in the cut and thrust of Monday Night Raw despite five weeks of vignettes and a live reintroduction on Friday Night SmackDown. Seth Rollins infamously struggled to think of differences between the shows other than the colour of ropes and Tom Phillips when discussing the divide in a 2019 promo, but there may yet be reasons that emerge as to why the change was made. Did Fox not like where any of this was going? Did USA Network want it? Did those within WWE not see Evans as a viable opponent for Ronda Rousey? These are perhaps questions for the long term. In the short term, it's been down to all of us to keep pace and keep up with might actually be happening.

As usual, the wrestling chatter churn has moved at such a rate that initial concerns about the state of the character have already been quietened by discussions of the various statuses of Roman Reigns, MJF, Kota Ibushi and now Sasha Banks and Naomi.

All for very different reasons, the above list of names quickly came to dominate discourse, but Evans' live return on pre-WrestleMania Backlash edition of SmackDown was troubling for reasons cutting much closer to many than that of an existing wrestler's contractual dispute.

Something just wasn't on, and that something was there from the very off.


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