Why This WWE NXT Wrestler Is Being Repackaged Next

Another WWE NXT wrestler appears to be on the verge of being repackaged...

Axiom WWE

WWE is on the verge of repackaging another NXT 2.0 wrestler, with the former A-Kid seemingly the subject of a vignette during last night's Great American Bash special.

Although A-Kid's face wasn't revealed, NXT 2.0's latest gimmick, Axiom, likely belongs to the Spaniard, given his build and voice. It looks like he is being given a character built around mathematics, which he claims to have used to solve problems throughout his life, using his mind to prevail when his body fails him.

Check out the clip below.


The former A-Kid, 25, debuted for NXT's American imprint on 2.0's 15 March episode, where he defeated Kushida. A three-show run concluded in a failed attempt at re-entering North American Championship contention on 29 March, with A-Kid returning to Europe to face Charlie Dempsey in an NXT UK match taped on 21 April. Now, it appears he is heading back to the United States on a full-time basis.


A-Kid becoming Axiom is likely down to the wrestler's use of his old ring name on the independent scene prior to signing with WWE. The promotion has been making a habit of this in recent months, renaming wrestlers so that it may own the relevant trademarks.

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