Why Tonight's WWE SmackDown Could Change Hell In A Cell 2020

The 'Tribal Chief' is promising something earth-shattering...

WWE's official previews are promising that Roman Reigns will "reveal the consequences for what will be the highest stakes in WWE history" on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The Universal Champion has been talking about dire consequences for cousin Jey Uso at Hell In A Cell if he doesn't bow down and acknowledge Reigns as his 'Tribal Chief'. Roman wasn't expected to talk more about that until after this Sunday's pay-per-view, but WWE are using it as a selling point for SmackDown.

This could change HIAC's dynamic.


Reigns will probably either announce that Jey's career is on the line or that he'll be banished from the Anoa'i family should he lose inside the cage at the weekend. The latter is perhaps more likely, if only because WWE will surely want The Usos to play a part in SmackDown's tag-team division when Jimmy returns from injury.

WWE are teasing that Roman's declaration could force Jey to "bend the knee" and show deference towards Reigns before Hell In A Cell. If he did that, then much of the build towards the pair's 'I Quit' stipulation would be ruined.


What do you think Reigns will say on tonight's episode of SmackDown?

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