Why Vince McMahon Has Never Sold WWE

WWE President Nick Khan on why Vince McMahon stick with wrestling at 75.

Vince McMahon Money

A recent appearance on The Colin Cowherd Podcast saw WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan explain why Vince McMahon has never sold the company, despite his long tenure and advancing years.

When Cowherd pointed out that McMahon doesn't need the money and has likely had offers to sell, Khan responded with three reasons.

1. He built WWE into what it is today. It's his.


2. Vince remains the best person to run the promotion.

3. What else would he do with his time?


Khan said that Vince isn't the kind of guy who'd be content relaxing on a yacht, recalling a time when another executive asked McMahon what his plans for the summer were. Vince replied that he'd be spending it in his Stamford, Connecticut office.

Khan has been with WWE since August 2020. He has already helped transform the company's business, having played a big role in this year's billion-dollar sale of WWE Network content to Peacock in the United States, which was reported as one of his biggest tasks when coming in.


Now 75 years old, Vince shows no sign of loosening his grip on the company he acquired from his father in 1982.

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