Why Were These WWE Superstars Released? - Quiz

Why did these superstars get future endeavoured?


A simple reality of the wrestling business is that wrestlers come and go regardless of their talent or popularity.

For every well-minted superstar who has enjoyed a safe, decades-long tenure with WWE, there are countless roster members who were given their marching papers totally out of nowhere.

Often the reasons are boring and straight-forward - namely a lack of creative - while in other cases the explanation is a little juicier, and even a result of the wrestler's own unfortunate, unprofessional conduct.

Whatever the motivation, though, these 15 wrestlers were all released for memorable, often eccentric reasons, even if in some cases they ended up hired back at the company years, months, days or, in one example, even hours later.

It can be tough to keep up with WWE's revolving door of talent, so do you recall how these superstars, from the beloved to the not-so-much, made their exits from the company?

As always, the answers are at the end, so good luck!...

1. Alberto Del Rio


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