Why WWE Created Titles For Their French Announce Team

They are the Tag-Team Champions?


WWE's international announce squads go through a lot.

If they're not scampering to safety as wrestlers brawl towards them and surely smash through their table, then they're fighting against endless lame jokes from English-speaking announcers like, 'I agree 100% with what they said, Cole'.

On Wednesday, WWE's official French Twitter page proudly displayed the promotion's unique way of saying thank you to some who have put in a serious shift over the years.


French-speaking commentators Christophe Agius and Philippe Chéreau were awarded custom-made WWE Championship belts as a reward for their 20 years of service to the company. Such gifts are customary for major sports franchises when they achieve major honours, but they're not commonplace for announcers or other staff.

This is a lovely gesture towards both men.


The customised belts feature bespoke side plates that show each man's name, a golden microphone (backed by the blue, white and red French tricolor flag) and the text, "2000-2020". They're also full-scale replicas of the WWE Title Brock Lesnar carries around, and they should take pride of place in the Agius and Chéreau households.

Somewhere, Michael Cole is currently wondering where his belt is. Probably.

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