Why WWE Is Making Its Biggest Long-Term Mistake Right Now

A WrestleMania X-Seven-sized heel turn.

You will read what is at its core a very reasonable take on Thursday mornings.

"Crazy concept, guys, but you can enjoy both shows!"

This, again, is very reasonable. Both AEW Dynamite and NXT, irrespective of which style of presentation one might prefer, boast objectively great qualities. AEW fans love Dynamite for its intricate long-term booking, traditional pro wrestling vibe, tonal range and creative expression. NXT fans love the product for its pulsating modern in-ring fare and its intersection of logical storytelling and slick, soothing WWE production, highlighted most recently by the stunning presentation of the sky-scraping Karrion Kross.

Both shows are exponentially better on an artistic level than the generic, formulaic and broad - all too often, that is a euphemism for punishingly lame - fare on WWE's main roster.

But the point is that this isn't some four-hour celebration of wrestling. This isn't, as has been made rather clear in 2020, some philosophical war waged between professional wrestling and sports entertainment. This isn't Wednesday Vs. Monday. This is WWE Vs. any other promotion that dares exist. Two of those hours exist to slowly suffocate the other two hours to death.


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