WILD Scrapped John Cena WWE WrestleMania Match "On The Table" For SummerSlam

'The Champ' has Austin Theory at WrestleMania, but could SummerSlam be even bigger?

John Cena WWE

John Cena could be taking on Logan Paul at SummerSlam 2023 if intended plans come off for WWE and the respective wrestlers later this year.

This is according to WrestleVotes via GiveMeSport, who reported that;

"Logan loved the idea and Cena was totally down it. They'd have made mega money and it's just a matter of when. They want to tell a good story because they're megastars, so there's got to be a reason. The matches is very much on the table, even at a SummerSlam. All parties involved want to do it."

Paul was a rumoured opponent for Cena when it became clear that 'Big Match John' was down to work WrestleMania 39, but was instead positioned against Seth Rollins after a Royal Rumble skirmish between the two. Cena and Austin Theory were paired as early as December, when the United States Champion started invoking him in promos amidst rumours that they'd already filmed skits together during Cena's brief stint with the company before the holidays.

SummerSlam will take place on Saturday 5th August from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Paul worked last year's edition of the show, defeating The Miz.

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