Will Ospreay Claims His Online Feud With Seth Rollins Is Over

The Twitter spat was "just a bit of fun," apparently.

Will Ospreay

Last week saw Will Ospreay and Seth Rollins get themselves embroiled in a daft Twitter spat, with the WWE Universal Champion's claim that no one else in the world "can do what he does" prompting a simple "I'm alive" quote-tweet from Ospreay, which later snowballed into something infinitely more embarrassing for the 'Beast Slayer.'

Now, however, the feud appears to be over, and there's no bad blood between the opposing parties.

Speaking on a recent episode of Edge and Christian's Pod of Awesomeness, Ospreay claimed that "there is nothing malicious about this - from me, anyway," adding that even when fans were saying things like "oh, he's a d*ck for saying this," the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion was "just having a bit of fun."

Ospreay added that he hated "the fact that people turned on [Seth]," and that he took no offence to Rollins suggesting they compare bank balances.

Given that the 'Aerial Assassin' quickly started selling "Little Guy" t-shirts after Seth's intended barb, this shouldn't come as a huge surprise, though it'll be nice to see both men move on from the incident and concentrate on their wrestling. Let's see if Rollins can finally get a good match out of Baron Corbin.

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