Will Ospreay Match "A Big Thing" For Daniel Bryan

The American Dragon vs. The Aerial Assassin? Yes, yes please.

Daniel Bryan Bryan Danielson Will Ospreay

To many wrestling fans, Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay sounds like a bona fide dream match. And if Andrew Zarian is to believed, Bryan is eager for this bout to take place at some point in the future.

Speaking on the most recent episode of the Mat Men podcast, Zarian explained how Danielson sees a match with the Aerial Assassin as a top priority.

"I know that Daniel Bryan really wanted to work with Will Ospreay. I know that, for Bryan, that's a big thing."

The belief is that Bryan Danielson is soon to become #AllElite, which, if true, would likely allow the American Dragon to work outside dates or even compete against other promotion's stars as part of AEW's opening of the "forbidden door".


Of course, when Will Ospreay made his shocking return at NJPW Resurgence this past weekend, he called out the "dweebs of AEW" and even directly namedropped Bryan Danielson.

2021, man. What a time to be wrestling fan. It really does feel like all bets are off right now as to what matches we could see throughout the rest of the year and beyond, with WWE the only company that's not playing ball when it comes to establishing working relationships with the other major players of the industry.

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