Will Wardlow FINALLY Get His Hands On MJF At AEW Double Or Nothing 2022?

Dynamite saw Wardlow face Shawn Spears inside a steel cage - with the MJF match in the balance.

Wardlow AEW

Wardlow will finally get his hands on former paymaster MJF at AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 this Sunday (29 May), having earned the bout after felling Shawn Spears inside a steel cage on last night's episode of Dynamite.

The odds were stacked against Wardlow, who had to contend not only with Spears, but MJF as special guest referee. More an elaborate angle than a traditional wrestling match, the handcuffed Wardlow was forced to break his own shackles when MJF "forgot" the key to release him, fight through MJF's constant physical interjections (without being able to strike back), and other heel skullduggery, with the crowd behind him throughout.

Spears' end came when he accidentally unloaded a full-force chairshot on MJF. Aghast, the Pinnacle man then fell victim to Wardlow's powerbomb Symphony, with referee Bryce Remsburg hitting the ring to count the fall in place of the incapacitated MJF.


MJF recovered in time to flash Wardlow a look of horror as the big man celebrated atop the cage, the audience in the palm of his hand.

Wardlow vs. MJF stipulates that should Wardlow win, he will be released by the restrictive contract that has bound him to his former ally since he entered AEW in 2019. AEW has now officially added the bout to the Double Or Nothing lineup.

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