William Regal Says Sorry For "Time Issues" In First AEW Promo

Confirmed: William Regal is still a gentleman.

William Regal Tony Schiavone

William Regal has hit Twitter to apologise for apparent "time issues" with his promo on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite.

Regal spoke with long-time friend Tony Schiavone after his new charges Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley had defeated The Workhorsemen in their tag team debut. Though he repeated himself a couple of times, the promo was well-received, standing as one of the most compelling segments on the show.

Nonetheless, Regal, a gentleman, felt it appropriate to say sorry:-

This is a Professional note from me as I have no other form of SM and would rather my new colleagues see this as I don’t like gossip. I’m am very sorry to everyone effected by my time issues last night. I apologized to everyone personally effected..1/2
2/2 I should be showing people by example and being a Pro and hitting my times.

Whether or not these issues impacted the show later on is currently unclear.

Regal is brand new to AEW, having only debuted at last week's Revolution 2022 pay-per-view. This follows his shock WWE departure earlier in the year, ending a 22-year association with the promotion, having played a big role on-camera and off. This is expected to be the case in AEW as well, with his impact alongside Moxley and Danielson already being felt.

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