Work Or Shoot? CM Punk's WWE Beef With Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins

Latest backstage details on CM Punk's reported issueswith Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins.

CM Punk Drew McIntyre Seth Rollins

Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins both had their jimmies rustled by CM Punk's WWE return at Survivor Series 2023, though only one of these situations is understood to be a shoot.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reports that Rollins' anger "was an all angle." The World Heavyweight Champion had been caught exhibiting an upset reaction to Punk's appearance at the end of the premium live event, requiring Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and others to hold him back. Seth, like everyone else in the Survivor Series main event, had been told of Punk's appearance prior to hitting the ring, and everything Rollins did (including flipping the controversial Chicagoan off) was worked.

This may not be the case with McIntyre. The Scot, who is believed to have "stormed to the back" and left the arena, was legitimately "very upset."


Meltzer states that Drew became less upset as the evening went on, though people within WWE believe he left the Allstate Arena due to Punk. At the time of reporting, Meltzer was unable to confirm this himself.

Fightful Select has reported that although people in WWE feel Drew doesn't like Punk, he is @wise enough to capitalise on that by working heavily." The outlet states that McIntyre being upset "wasn't all about Punk,", and he was seen slamming doors and cursing, he also "sold to the back to maintain professionalism."


Punk, 45, was fired by AEW with cause in September, one week after brawling with Jack Perry backstage at August's All In event.

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