WWE: 13 Worst Match Stipulations In The Past 15 Years

With only a week to go before WWE Payback and a high possibility of interference, stipulations have become more frequent since Wrestlemania XXX, as all matches on the card contain at least one wrinkle that stands out from a typical wrestling match. Some of the most memorable, referenced and iconic confrontations of pro wrestling history have been accompanied with an extra element of intrigue, ranging from a number one contendership to a bloody brawl in a brutal structure; however, with every risk taken that yields the WeeLC Match between Hornswoggle and El Torito at Extreme Rules a month ago, which some deemed the match of the night on Twitter, there is a misfired idea that makes one wonder what they were thinking and the utility of creating the bout in the first place. All of the four primary professional wrestling organizations have confused, stunned, and led fans to question, "Why is this happening again?" There have been 13 innovations that stand the test of time in the past decade and a half as the most infamous match types and outcomes that have plagued creative risks overall.
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