Wrestler Returns From Injury At IMPACT Wrestling Tapings (SPOILER)

The former two-time World Champion has been out since April with a torn ACL.

Eric Young silhouette
IMPACT Wrestling

Eric Young returned to in-ring competition during last night's IMPACT Wrestling tapings, seemingly facing a debuting Jai Vidal.

Twitter user @ScrewballSq was at the tapings, posting a photo of Young donning some new all-white gear and flanked by Deaner and Joe Doering. There's no word on how the match went, though, nor when, exactly, it'll air on IMPACT programming.

This marked the ex-World Champion's first match since the 22 April broadcast of IMPACT's weekly show, where he defeated Eddie Edwards. He wrestled this match, plus an eight-man weapons-based main event at Hardcore Justice, with a torn ACL, having suffered the injury while wrestling James Storm in Storm's 1000th IMPACT match.

While he's been injured, the 'World Class Maniac' has remained a fixture on IMPACT's regular programming, leading Violent By Design to lifting the World Tag Team Titles in May, and most recently sending Deaner and Doering in to battle Heath and former member Rhino at Bound For Glory this past Saturday.


Eric Young returned to IMPACT Wrestling last July, having been a victim of WWE's mass cuttings in April 2020. Resurfacing at Slammiversary, Young became a two-time World Champion by September, main evented Bound For Glory in October, and debuted the Violent By Design group in November.

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