Wrestler Shoots On Referee After Botched Finish

Major controversy rocks British wrestling after RevPro disaster.

Josh Bodom
Twitter, @RevProUK

A crazy, crazy situation unfolded in Britain's Revolution Pro Wrestling last week, as wrestlers Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels were accused of shooting on referee Aaren Wilde following a botched finish.

Competing at RevPro Summer Sizzler 2019 on 30 August, Bodom and Samuels lost a bout to Aussie Open that concluded with Wilde erroneously counting a pin that was supposed to be a kickout, leading to Samuels, a veteran of the UK scene, hitting the official with an unplanned scoop slam.

As seen in the video below, Bodom took things a step further on the outside:-

The situation lay dormant for a while, before Wilde posted a series of Tweets this weekend stating that the attack was unplanned, a lot more serious than he'd thought, and, worst of all, had led to injuries severe enough to force his retirement from refereeing.

Already a controversial figure after getting blacklisted from several British promotions and thrown off a 2018 AJPW tour for alleged poor behaviour, Bodom responded badly, posting several victim-blaming tweets, throwing RevPro promoter Andy Quildan under the bus, deleting his Twitter account, then seemingly retiring from wrestling.

Samuels has now posted his side of the story too. Maximise this first tweet for the full thread:-

Finally, RevPro have issued a full statement on the situation, noting that Bodom had been released and Samuels disciplined:-

Whether or not these punishments are enough is up to you to decide. Regardless, here's hoping that Wilde is eventually able to recover enough to return.

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