Wrestlers Unhappy With WWE Mentioning Releases On Television?

Backstage WWE reaction to THOSE fired wrestler references revealed...

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WWE courted controversy on this week's episode of Raw, as Edge and Liv Morgan both made reference to the company's recent talent releases in separate segments, doing so to further their respective feuds with The Miz and Becky Lynch.

Edge told Miz that his using pro wrestling for notoriety was the reason his former tag team partner, John Morrison, was no longer with the promotion. Morgan, meanwhile, claimed Lynch's "big, fat, greedy contract" contributed to her friends getting cut.

Speaking on Fightful's Raw review show, Sean Ross Sapp said that a current WWE star, several former wrestlers, and former producers had been in touch, saying that they felt the references were made in bad taste.


Morrison was named amongst WWE's latest round of releases in 18 November, bringing the year's total to well over 70. "Budget cuts" have been cited as the primary reason for most of these departures, with the likes of Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, Keith Lee, and many more departing the promotion throughout 2021.

WWE has attempted to transform its roster cuts into storylines in the past, having doing so with Drake Maverick following his teary-eyed post-release video in April 2020.

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