Wrestling Companies To Be Hurt By New United States Travel Ban?

AEW and Impact could be stung by new restrictions limiting US travel.


Upcoming restrictions on travel to and from the United States could have an impact on professional wrestling companies.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order on domestic and international travel yesterday. It states that as well as producing negative COVID-19 test results before boarding a flight, people travelling from other countries must abide by CDC guidelines and quarantine for 10 days after arriving. This comes into play on 26 January.

Dave Meltzer reports on the situation in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, highlighting the implications should the US government decrees that athletes aren't exempt, as was previously the case in the country. This is yet to be clarified.


PAC is the most notable wrestler AEW currently uses who doesn't reside permanently in the US. Travel restrictions prevented him from appearing for the promotion between March and November, though he is now back on television on a regular basis. If Canada is included, Don Callis (who lives in his homeland) could also be hindered. Callis is also active in Impact, where he is an executive, with the Anthem-helmed group also booking other Canada-based wrestlers in Josh Alexander, Deaner, and more.

On top of this, the graphic for AEW's upcoming Women's World Championship Eliminator Tournament heavily implied the return of Japanese joshi wrestlers to the company.


Depending on the exact regulations, such wrestlers would need to self-isolate upon entering the States, potentially hindering travel plans. The situation will become clearer once we know more about the possible exemption for athetles.

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