Wrestling Legend Shoots On Possibly Joining WWE's Creative Team

This company legend is intrigued by the thought of helping out WWE creative.

Sean Waltman X-Pac 1-2-3 Kid Syxx

Sean Waltman "wouldn't say no" if old pal Triple H came calling and asked him to help out on WWE creative.

The former X-Pac told fans tuning into a K&S WrestleFest virtual signing on Facebook that 'The Game' probably knows the value of getting some "young, fresh minds" on the writing staff though. He clearly doesn't fit that category, but says he would offer up some ideas if asked.

Waltman also said that he has "a really nice balance" in his life these days. He'd be mindful of how a full-time spot on the creative side could "f*ck that up" over time - Sean likes to think he's "self-aware enough" to know that he can't write content for a younger audience in 2022 too.


He's not some "f*cking creative genius".

Perhaps Trips could draft X-Pac in to help younger men and women piece together their matches. Waltman was one of the best in-ring performers of his generation, and he's highly respected by everyone for his skills. Becoming an agent might be the best bet then.


Or, maybe Sean could volley some storyline ideas at his former DX buddy.

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