Wrestling News: Rollins Destroys Dominik, Orton Punts Flair & More (VIDEO)

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This Monday Night RAW-centric episode covers all the biggest developments from last night's show, starting with Seth Rollins and Murphy's brutal kendo stick assault on Dominik Mysterio (0:32), whose body was left battered and bruised after his and The Monday Night Messiah's SummerSlam 2020 contract signing.


From there, we pivot to Ric Flair and Randy Orton (02:46) for our take on The Legend Killer punting his former mentor as RAW bookended itself with two memorable angles.

Dominik Mysterio Randy Orton Ric Flair

The latest SummerSlam 2020 developments are covered as well (05:35). Asuka earned a shot at the RAW Women's Championship by defeating Sasha Banks' tag partner, Bayley, in a match set up against the Role Model's wishes last week, while Mysterio vs. Rollins scored a new stipulation. Finally, there's coverage of last night's most notable AEW debut (07:59), as a recently released WWE NXT wrestle showed up in the Deadly Draw Tag Team Tournament.


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