Wrestling World Reacts To WWE Releases

Current, former superstars weigh in, offer support, share the love for those released.

The Rock Dolph Ziggler

As fans processed the news Thursday that more than 20 WWE and NXT talent had been released, several wrestlers -- both in and out of WWE -- took to social media to offer support and share thoughts about several of those released.

Just a week after completing its merger with UFC and then firing more than 100 office staff, WWE started out Thursday announcing a more-than $1.4 billion deal to broadcast SmackDown on USA Network for five years, then started axing wrestlers. Notable names included Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, Top Dolla, Dana Brooke, Elias and Emma.

Several wrestlers spoke in glowing terms about Ziggler, including The Rock, Big E, CJ Perry, John Cena, Shawn Spears, Swerve Strickland and Renee Paquette.


Xavier Woods also posted about eagerly awaiting to see the "unfiltered creativity" of Ali post-WWE.


Kayla Braxton posted about how much she hates days like this and also shared a video of her and Rick Boogs jamming out in NXT.

Kurt Angle shared a photo of himself and Team Angle in solidarity with Shelton:

Other wrestlers who have felt the sting of being released by WWE offered more general positive advice to everyone, such as Mike Bennett and Matt Cardona.

While it's terrible to watch nearly two dozen people lose their jobs, it's heartening to see so many in the wrestling community speaking up for their former colleagues.

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