WWE: 10 Best Eddie Guerrero Matches On 8th Year Anniversary Of His Death

eddie guerrero2 Hard to believe it's been close to a decade since the wrestling world lost Eddie Guerrero. Aged 38 - for most real sports he'd be well past his prime. For wrestling, he was just peaking in WWE's main event scene. He's one of the best wrestlers of all time, no doubt. Clearly, he didn't have the drawing power of Hogan, Rock or Austin - but for a true fan of wrestling he was an absolute delight to watch on almost every front. A fantastic performer and master of the theatricality of wrestling accompanied with actual athletic ability that was on par with any wrestler ever to flog a tacky looking t-shirt. It was hard to narrow down Guerrero's best matches to just ten. But eight years on, these are the ones that stick out the most.

10. Bullrope Match Vs. JBL - WWE Great American Bash '04

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9QKF3r4aC4 We loved the gorgeously bloody Judgment Day match these two had. ou really believed Guerrero would need a blood transfusion after the match... and he did. Regardless, we believe that the best bout of their memorable feud was the bull rope match at the Great American Bash. First off, we were incredibly relieved that this match saved what was an otherwise horrendous PPV. Secondly, there's been some great strap matches but they're rare. They're usually pretty dire. The gimmick tends to restrict what the wrestlers are capable of. JBL and Guerrero's use of the bullrope was fantastic. Everything made sense and the gimmick ended up giving the clash a good serving of spice, along with establishing lasting legitimacy to the match type. The match ending is bad. However, we're sympathetic to the WWE's need to progress storylines. Unfortunately it diminishes the match when viewed independently from the shows pre and post. Well, whatever - it's all fake anyway.

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