WWE: 10 Best Wrestlers Over 40

chris-jericho Wrestling's a young mans game with most superstars reaching their peak in their mid 30's. With all the young blood in the WWE and TNA, it's the older stars that are shining the brightest. With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes polished mic skills and great in ring psychology, and the 10 best wrestlers over 40 have all of that and more. All but 3 of these wrestlers are still full time stars which is impressive in itself. Wrestling can really take a toll on your body so for these guys to still be wrestling into their 40's and 50's is incredibly impressive. To do it at such a high level is just amazing. Before we get into this, first thing's first, I NEED to show some love to the ultimate honorable mention. WOOOOOO! The greatest thing since sliced bread, The Nature Boy Ric Flair wrestled into his 60's. 60's!!! The Nature Boy IS wrestling and one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. His in ring ability in his 40's, 50's and 60's is absolutely amazing and unheard of. He's just a freak of nature. God I love me some Ric Flair. Hats off Natch! (I can call him 'Natch' cause we're cool like that) Now that I got that out of the way, here are the best current elder statesmen of wrestling.

10. RVD (42)

ROB! VAN! DAM! Just last year RVD was TNA's X Division Champion, which is one of their more prestiges titles. It's amazing to see RVD in the ring as he still looks as he did in his ECW days. Still doing his patent rolling thunder and 5 star frog splash, Van Dam is easily the most athletic wrestler over 40, maybe ever. Now RVD is on his way back to the WWE and will be making his debut at the Money in the Bank PPV. They're definitely hyping up his return which means that he'll probably be in line for a push. I wouldn't mind seeing this 42 year old capture gold one more time. RVD's still got it, and at Money in the Bank, he'll prove it. It's time for the whole f'ing show to make a comeback.
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