WWE: 10 Best Wrestlers Over 40

2. Kurt Angle (44)

Angle What can you even say about the cyborg of wresting? Kurt Angle is just a freak of nature and one the best wrestlers in the history of the business. I honestly don't know how he continues to perform at such at high level at the age of 44. As TNA's bigeest free agent signing of all time, Kurt Angle just might be the face of the company. When people think of TNA, they think of Kurt Angle. As the newest member of The New Main Event Mafia, Kurt's still got a lot left in the tank even though he has nothing left to prove. Angle is well respected by both wrestlers and fans alike. There will NEVER be another Kurt Angle so if you get a chance to watch TNA please take the time to watch Angle do what he does best, wrestle. The second member of the TNA Hall of Fame and the second best on this list, Kurt Angle is just amazing.
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