WWE: 10 Men Who Could Be A New Member Of Evolution

Evolution is back. Well, sort of. Over a decade ago Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista forged an alliance that will forever be remembered as one of the most dominant groups in wrestling history. Today, the latter three are once again in cahoots, however the absence of Flair means this is not quite the real deal. It may not be something that the WWE have hinted at, but what if three were to once again become four and an additional member was recruited to the group? Such an expansion may not have made sense given the faction€™s current feud with the three-man Shield, but if Evolution are here to stay then the addition of a fourth member is something that the company could seriously look to pursue. This article looks at ten potential candidates for a potential fourth spot.

10. Cesaro

The Evolution faction is all about the past, present and future. Given how infrequently he now competes, Triple H is arguably the past, while Orton and Batista are very much the present. Thus, perhaps the new member should be one for the future. Based on this logic, Cesaro would likely be the standout choice. The King of Swing has had a huge couple of weeks, bodyslamming the Big Show to win the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then aligning himself with the greatest manager in the pro wrestling business. Joining Evolution would be the next step towards establishing Cesaro as a main event star. However it wouldn€™t be particularly congruent with recently developments involving Cesaro and Paul Heyman. Furthermore, the Swiss had been expected to embark on a run as a face €“ something that would be nigh on impossible with the Game and company by his side. As fitting as it would be to see Cesaro join the stable, I'm not sure the timing is quite right for this to happen.
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