WWE: 10 Most Silver Tongued On-Mic Performers in Wrestling History

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You can't teach just anybody to wrestle. This is a realization WWE are learning from their exploits into the bodybuilding and swimwear model categories in search of ready made good looking talent, in the words of former WWE commentator Kevin Kelly, "the grand experiment is a failure." If you can't teach someone to wrestle then the ability to convincingly speak and hold thousands on the edge of your lips is simply a distant imagination. It can be the one trait which makes or breaks a performer, if they obtain the ability of good speech, the sky's the limit. Speaking in wrestling is commonly referred to as, "cutting a promo." Promo is defined as a promotional interview, or a skit where a talent takes time to speak on his characters thoughts, previous or upcoming opponents. This includes skits such as D-Generation X's infamous press conference, Edge mocking Ric Flair's DUI incident, talk shows such as The Highlight Reel and Piper's Pit plus another slew of settings and variations which allows a given performer the opportunity to speak. Through the annals of time we've seen performers careers be made and break by their ability on "the stick." During this article you'll read about how a certain "Hollywood Blonde's" words would catapult him into limelight, eventually going on to become the greatest draw in WWE history. How a "Nature Boy's" lavish and outlandish reality helped form one of the greatest characters and speakers of all-time, he didn't use a character to voice his mind, he trusted in-himself. And how an "American Dream" inspired the working class man through his jivin' and talkin'. Of course we should take a moment to spare some thought for those less fortune microphone workers; Mike Adamle, Ahmed Johnson, John Laurinitas, Jumpin' Jeff Farmer, Bobby Lashley, The Great Khali and many others. This article is in no way dedicated to you, especially John Laurinitas who needs to learn how far to hold the microphone from his face - seriously, I'm a fan and even I know how far to place it from your mouth Johnny! This article lists them in a top ten order, but truly each one are as good as the other. I hope you enjoy, any comments or criticisms are welcome. Click "next" to begin...
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