WWE: 10 Previous WrestleMania Triple Threat Matches

Wm301Wrestlemania XXX will now officially feature a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This upcoming triple threat will mark the 11th time in Wrestlemania history a triple threat has taken place, with almost all of them having a title on the line. Some have ended with an underdog beating the odds and holding a title high, as many hope Daniel Bryan will, and some have ended with a heel picking up the win, as many fear. This match type is difficult to perform well. There must be inventive ways to incorporate all three members at the same time as well as opportunities to eliminate one person for periods of time that make sense. A good match can feature clever signature move transitions and other exciting three-man spots. A bad match can come off as sloppy, rushed, or overly choreographed. A perfect balance must be struck and at Wrestlemania Randy Orton, Batista and either Bryan or Triple H have their work cut out for them. To get ready for this 3 Way Championship bout the following list will look back at the previous ten Wrestlemania triple threat matches. Fun fact: Triple H has had two previous Wrestlemania triple threats bouts while this upcoming match will mark Randy Orton's FOURTH.

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