WWE: 10 Reasons Antonio Cesaro Is The Most Underrated Wrestler Today

Antonio Cesaro Antonio Cesaro could be a huge star in the WWE. He's only held one title so far, his run as United States Champion in 2012. At 33 years old he's probably entering the prime years of his career. He stands over 6 foot tall, seems to be carved from stone, and is possibly the strongest pound for pound competitor the WWE has seen. He is an exciting prospect for fans of wrestling. Yet somehow he has not yet made it to the top table in WWE. He was a singles competitor at the start of his WWE career, but has more recently been seen in a tag team with Jack Swagger. Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion and Money in the Bank winner. Cesaro is more than capable of surpassing the achievements of Jack Swagger, and from this team he should emerge as a genuine main event star. This article will look at ten reasons that Antonio Cesaro is the most underrated superstar in the WWE right now. Cesaro has all the tools to be one of the most exciting in-ring competitors of this generation. He also has a rich history in the world of professional wrestling which has set him up for success. Many people, and I place myself firmly within this group, don't believe that Cesaro has been given the opportunities that he deserves. His inclusion in this years Elimination Chamber match may be the start of a huge year for him. 2014 could be the year of Cesaro. It's too early to have him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and headline Wrestlemania, but he could make the step to the main event this year, but Cesaro could still have a huge year.
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