WWE: 10 Shocking Moments From Raw Which Have Changed Everything

Off the back of the most talked about Wrestlemania of all time came another sensational Raw after the Big One. A plethora of talking points and controversies have ripped up the foundations of the WWE and undeniably changed the landscape of the WWE Universe moving forward. From debuts to defections, to the emergence of 'The One' - the Raw after Wrestlemania lived up to it's bill as the most unpredictable night on the WWE calendar. Hysteria reached overload off the back of an unforgettable night at WM30, but the impact was felt more in who didn't show up rather than those who were speculated to. Make no mistake, the WWE Universe of today is drastically different to the WWE Universe of only a few days ago. The power has shifted, and the stage is set for a wild ride heading on to Extreme Rules and beyond. These are The 10 Shocking Moments From Raw Which Have Changed The WWE Moving Forward;

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